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Sterling Paints & Trim carries a wide range of luxury vinyl, eng. hardwood and laminate flooring.

Discover our finest collection of flooring available in lots of colors, species and finishes. We specialize in hardwood, engineered, laminate, vinyl and hand-scraped flooring. We offer a variety of sizes, colours and types of high-quality flooring to satisfy all customer needs at very reasonable prices.

Smoke Grey American Oak
Snow Flake American Oak
Black Brown American Oak
English Manor American Oak
Milkyway American Oak
San Marino American Hickory
Coyote American Oak
Hazelnut CLick American Oak
Natural Click Ameican Oak
American Black Walnut - Natural
TF1108 12mm 5inch Laminate
TF1119 12mm 5inch Laminate
TF3104 12mm Laminate
TF3105 12mm 5inch Laminate
TF4110 12mm 5inch Laminate
TF6008 12mm 7inch Laminate
TF6021 12mm 7inch Laminate
TF6209 12mm 7inch Laminate
TF6310 12mm 7inch Laminate
TF8008 12mm 7inch Laminate
TFSPC304 4.2mm Vinyl Flooring
TFSPC312 4.2mm Vinyl Flooring
TFSPC112 5.5mm Vinyl Floooring
TFSPC121 5.5mm Vinyl Flooring
TFSPC202 6.5mm Vinyl
TFSPC216 6.5mm Vinyl Underpad

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